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If you know someone that has lost a child, or if you hear in the future about someone losing a child, please fill out the form on this page.


The age group we will be taking Grief Care Packages requests up to is 5 years of age.

Our Grief Care Package will include:

  • Giftcards

  • A copy of the book “It’s OK That You’re Not OK” by Megan Devine

  • Information on places to reach out for counseling, therapy, and/or grief groups

  • And the most special thing of all – a fleece blanket with the child’s name embroidered on it.

Sample of a care package

Package Image - small.jpg

Note: Due to our foundation guidelines, we can only take requests for children up to 5 years old. 

Child's gender

Your request has been submitted


We will follow up if we have any questions.

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