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Colson made our lives 150% better. He brought so much joy and we never knew how much one little person could make us better people. His smile, oh that AMAZING smile, instantly gave us butterflies on how perfect he was. He learned so fast as well. One minute he’s using his hands to eat and then next a spoon or fork.

He LOVED cars, no matter where we went or what we did he hoarded 4 cars with him. He loved to push them across the floor and throw them when he was mad. He was becoming his own person with an amazing personality.


He loved bath time and when I would say it was time to get out he would start splashing so I knew he wasn’t ready.  If he was mad and hit, he was quick to apologize by gently rubbing his hand on us and he then gave the best hugs and kisses.

He loved our cats, especially Mahoney, who just let him do whatever he wanted. He would lay on him and Mahoney would just purr and snuggle.

Being outside was his favorite. Pushing his cars on the driveway or looking at planes as they flew by above. Running through the yard, just having innocent fun.

The highlight of each and every day was coming home from work and seeing his excitement as he ran towards me for a hug and kiss. The BEST hugs and kisses.

We loved when I would lay on the floor and he would come up and just body slam on top of me.  He loved showing off. Snuggles with mom were such an amazing thing to see. Just how much love there was between them both; it was beautiful.

Every night at around seven, it was “cleanup time” when we would help him put all his toys in the bin. He loved helping. He also LOVED to sleep. At 7:30 every night he was ready and the majority of the time would head right into his room and slept all through the night.  We would only know he was ready to get up when he slammed the crib back and forth into the wall to make sure we knew he was ready to get going.

We loved giving him kisses and hearing him call us "Mum" and “Dad”. We miss hearing him run through the house.  We miss him wanting to read books with us.


We just flat out MISS HIM.

Not being able to see his face in the mornings, smell his hair or give him a big kiss is crushing us. He was the most precious gift we have ever had and was the reason to get up in the mornings.

Though there are an infinite number of things we looked forward to doing with him… sled riding, fishing, going to camp, these past 19 short months with him gave us a lifetime of memories. And no matter what, those cannot be taken away.


We Love you Colson!

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